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between mental health and our community.

Know The Statistics

1 in 5 Americans suffer from mental illness in a given year, however...

Effective treatments for most mental health disorders exist, yet according to the US Surgeon General, nearly half of Americans with severe mental illness fail to seek treatment.

On average 30% of high schoolers in Dakota Cty. report significant problems with symptoms of mental illness yet only an estimated 10% receive treatment.

75% to 80% of Low income children in need of mental health care do not get that care.

83% of Americans believe their spiritual faith & beliefs are tied to their state of mental health, yet most counselor training programs have no courses on spiritual matters.



Water’s Edge Bridging Foundation (WEBF) is a non-profit 501(c)(3) organization aimed at removing barriers to mental health treatment for those in need in our community, so they can return to their normal life of work, school, family and community as a fully functioning individuals and contributing members of society.


The focus of WEBF was initially determined by our executive director, Dr. Kim Bushman with her 20+ years experience as a licensed psychologist and clinical director within the community. Over these years, Kim has witnessed her clients struggle to remove structural barriers to treatment, often with the stress compounding the severity of their symptoms; or watched as her clients were deterred by barriers and opted to forgo effective evidenced based treatment recommendations. Kim made a commitment to aid in removing these barriers through creating WEBF. Further market analysis was conducted to determine other barriers to treatment within the community and our focus was voted upon by the board of directors; informed by experience, education & alignment with our community’s health goal; for all children, adolescents, adults & families to have opportunities to attain optimal mental well being.


Supports a treatment philosophy using a whole person approach – Biological, Psychological, Social, Spiritual.

Aims to remove barriers to obtaining treatment by providing outreach and educational seminars about depression, anxiety, trauma and eating disorders throughout the local community.

Seeks to reduce the stigma that exists about Mental Health, a known barrier to receiving treatment.

Commits to provide scholarships for individuals who have been referred to an intensive program but are facing financial, circumstantial, or structural barriers to treatment.

Provides trained staff and funding for freedom & forgiveness focused prayer, inner healing, and other Christian integrated services.


We believe that ultimate healing happens when one approaches healing from a biological-psychological-social-spiritual (whole-person) perspective. We believe we are spiritual beings created by design with an innate desire to align with the divine through body soul & spirit.


Lack of understanding & education on mental health is a major contributing factor to attitudinal barriers to treatment. Mental Health clinics are uniquely needed to become community anchors & for clinicians to be directly involved in outreach and educating the public. However, many mental health clinics have limited agency or systemic support for intensive outreach. Water’s Edge Bridging Foundation will address this need; to provide a community outreach clinician to be a public face, to show that therapists are approachable & to cultivate relationships with community members through education, advocacy & partnering in times of need. Analysis shows, extensive outreach & attempts to build trust prior to visits has increased acceptance of services among individuals. For information on our educational programs, or to discuss ways we can help meet the unique needs of your organization please contact us now.

Previous Collaborations

#burnsvillestrong • Lakeville High Schools • All Saints Catholic Church • Mary Mother of the Church • Dare 2 Believe


Other barriers to treatment include structural barriers such as lack of finances, transportation, child care and other resources to support treatment. Those struggling to meet basic needs aren’t able to prioritize mental health care over more immediate concerns. Offering financial support to those with life interfering symptoms will greatly reduce barriers to access of care and increase the providers ability to reach underserved families. The WEBF Living Expense scholarship is now available. Applicants must be currently attending a holistic Intensive Outpatient Program to apply.  The application is available here.


WEBF offers unique christian integrated services for those desiring this approach, and training for those providers wanting to further their competence in Christian integration techniques. Prayer, forgiveness and spiritual support from God, is tied to better adjustment in times of crisis, aids in healing and strengthens coping skills; yet many professional trainings do not incorporate education on spiritual components of therapy. For more information on Christian Integration services offered and for upcoming professional trainings please contact us.

“I am so grateful for this opportunity.  The WEBF scholarship is helping me be able to continue needed treatment and pay all bills on time. Without the burden of finances, I can really focus on getting better. 

Thank you to all who made this happen.”

-Scholarship Recipient 

What Our Clients Say

“I knew from the first time we met with the Water’s Edge team that we were working with some quality professionals. That first impression proved correct as our work together progressed, and the series of presentations got underway...The material was accessible to the “regular folks” in attendance and the presenters were interactive and approachable....We achieved our goals, and we hope to do this again in the future--with Water’s Edge”

Deacon Jim Marschall
Coordinator of Pastoral Care/Justice and Service
All Saints Church

“Water's Edge was truly pivotal in getting Burnsvillestrong and our mission off the ground. Thanks to the awesome professionals at Water's Edge, Burnsville High School students and staff were inspired and supported through a rocky time. They were all positive, helpful, and amazing to work with!”

Jen Waller
Burnsville High School Teacher

“Dare to Believe Ministries is grateful for our partnership with Water’s Edge Bridging Foundation. We have worked with the team as partners, consultants, and trainers. We have found this team to be professional, knowledgeable and excellent in all the they do.”

Pastor Kristi Graner
Dare To Believe Ministries